Formed in 1964, the LCR is a federation of orthodox Lutheran Congregations based in the United States with affiliate churches around the world.

About the LCR

The LCR focuses on decentralization of the church authority, with the responsibility of church governance falling on individual congregations. Each congregation is responsible for calling their own pastors, and maintain their own rights, including property ownership.

The congregations are bound together through doctrinal unity, and each congregation is responsible for electing delegates for representation at annual coventions. Congregations also elect council members who maintain church governance in between annual conventions.

How We’re Different

Click the link below to read a collection of essays on the differences between the Lutheran Churches of the Reformation (LCR) and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LC-MS).



The LCR has locations all over the United States. We also have a congregation in Canada and multiple affiliates in Africa. Please click the link below for a comprehensive list of all the LCR congregations.